Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dolores Costello PIO issue 475 Feb 2014

Please describe your chosen illustration

It’s a girl that I drew in my sketchbook and that I felt had too much character to just leave in there. So I made a book about her.

~What medium did you use?

Computer (photoshop)

~How long did it take?

I am not sure about three days maybe? I tweaked it several times.
It can take anything from a day to a week for me to finish an illustration.

~What is it for?

A college exercise

When did you know you had a talent for illustration?

I am not sure if I ever knew. And is there really such thing as talent?
I always had a big love for drawing and felt a huge need to draw. It was something that came very naturally to me.

I remember kids stopping at my desk and watching while I drew. So I knew quite early that my work was interesting to others.

~How old were you?

The first time someone stopped and looked at what I drew I think I was about 9. But I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.

~How did you know? Did someone encourage you?

I don’t think anybody had to encourage me to draw. I always drew and scribbled, my teacher got mad at me  because I used to draw in the margins of history and maths books.

Have you ever studied your craft at an institution of any sort?

I went to art school from age 15-18. Gymnasium here in Sweden, I think it’s similar to grammar school.

Right now I am studying Graphic design and Illustration at the Open College of the Arts.

What computer programmes do you use?

I use illustrator and photoshop and have started a bit with Artrage.

~Can you recommend any?

I think Artrage is really interesting and makes your drawings look really neat but my favourite is still Photoshop because I’ve gotten used to it.

Have you illustrated any books?

Not yet. But soon I hope. I have one publisher that might have a project for me next year.

I have illustrated my own stories for my kids before and for an assignment on my College course.

Right now I am illustrating a short story about a girl and her cat for an American magazine.

~Is it difficult working to deadlines? Does it interfere with your creativity?

No, I prefer deadlines because it helps me plan my work.

Do you have a website?

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