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Regan Kubecek PIO issue 470 Dec 2013

Please describe your chosen illustration:

The drawing I chose to talk about is very recent one, I suppose I chose it because at the moment it is a favourite. I often go through stages of loving a piece and then hating it, so let’s talk about one I like thats probably the safest bet :)

This piece is called "Spring Beauty", sometimes I have great ideas for names and sometimes it’s just the obvious choice that comes to mind, which is very much the case with this one. It’s a lovely bright artwork and as I drew it during that beautiful time that is spring she ended up with her name. This one is also a commission, but unlike most commissions I pretty much had free reign to create what I liked. I did have a few guidelines but aside from that I had the pleasure of letting my creative side take over. I really enjoyed working on this piece, the colours and subject are very uplifting and one can’t help but feel a little whimsical when looking at it :)

My medium has changed and varied over the years, and at the moment I enjoy using a mixture of copic markers, prismacolor markers and artliner pens. I even sometimes add a little white charcoal if needed and every so often my prismacolor pencils are used. Although it has only been really the past 2 maybe 3 years that I have preferred my markers, before that it was only my pencils and some black marker. But it’s funny how we evolve as artists, always learning and trying new things :)

When did you know you had a talent for illustration:

This is a question I get asked A LOT and the funny thing is I think just about every artist asked this question may answer it in a very similar way. When I was a little girl it was all I wanted to do, no matter what new fad came in or whatever new toy I was given it didn’t take too long before I was looking for my pencil and paper again. I still have memories of sitting next to my Nan drawing her requests as she knitted - she was my biggest fan :)

It’s just something I have always enjoyed, although I had a period of time when I put my pencil away. Mainly during the years I had my babies, lack of energy mostly played a part in that....lol

Have you every studied your craft:

Yes and no, I did do a tafe fine arts course when I first left school. But abstracts and photography where never my thing. And I really felt my style was hampered. I know some people who thoroughly enjoy courses and the like but I think it was mainly my style and medium which didn’t fit in. I think perhaps it wasn’t the right course for me. I think I would best describe myself as self taught :)

What computer programmes do you use:

I use Adobe Photoshop once I have finished an artwork, but I only use it to clean and resize my images.....lol. I would love to get more in depth with photoshop as I know it is a fabulous tool. Maybe one day !!

Have you illustrated any books:

Not yet, but I absolutely would love too. All of my work is commissions and licensing at this stage. However I did some work for a very fun live show which was based on the tale of "Sleeping Beauty" I did numerous illustrations depicting various scenes within the story which were then very cleverly turned into an animated film for the show. I enjoyed working on that immensely. I am hoping to one day start illustrating books, I just need to find out what is the best way to go about landing that first illustration job :)

I think the beauty of already being a commissioned and licensed artist is that deadlines are already a part of the territory, I think the key is to ensure you prepare yourself and give yourself the time required to finish your work on time. Im not much for leaving things to the last minute, in fact I tend to finish ahead of schedule a lot of the time....lol

Most single artworks for me can take anywhere from 1 day to a week to complete depending on detail and size. I do have a bad habit of working into the wee hours thought :)

Who is your favourite Australian children’s book illustrator and why:

This is a question which is just so easy for me to answer, without any hesitation it is May Gibbs. What’s not to love really :)

Again I am taken back to my childhood where my obsession for drawing began and right there with it is May Gibbs. I still remember getting my very own copy of "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie” from the school book club, in fact I still have it. I absolutely adored that book and could be found gazing at those magical and adorable illustrations for hours on end. So much so that my dad came home one day with that giant 2 book compendium which has all of her books in one and then another book about her. I was in heaven.....lol. Again I still have it and I won’t ever part with it, her illustrations inspired me so much as a child. And even now I love looking at her work, those wonderful scenes full of detail and character :)

What is your website:

I am currently working on a website, but until then I am easily found on my artpage at facebook. I am forever updating and sharing there so I guess if you want to see all my latest artworks that is the place to go :)

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