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Allison Langton PIO issue 264 Oct 2009

1.This was part of an Illustration for a 3 page article discussing financial management. It was published in Australian House & Garden Magazine (July 2009). The article was written by Pam Walkley, Editor-in-Chief of Money magazine.

2. When I'm given an Illustration/design brief, I generally start by procrastinating. All of a sudden I am compelled to clean the house, do the washing, clip the cats claws. I tell myself this is natural and just my brains way of figuring out how to accomplish the brief whilst I'm engaged in some boring repetitive task. I then have to force myself in front of my desk to begin. I don't know why I make it so hard. Once I start, I enjoy the process immensely.

3. I'm actually a Textile Designer and I am most comfortable designing prints for fabrics. Illustration is a lovely sideline. I got a break when asked by Madison magazine to Illustrate a 6 page horoscope special back in 2006. Since then, I've had lot's of little Illustration jobs for magazines. I also Illustrate the garden plans, maps and other little bits each month for Australian House & Garden magazine.

4. Being a Textile Designer, I am heavily influenced by print and pattern on various surfaces. Iconic Textile Designers such as Florence Broadhurst and Marimekko inspire, as well as modern day pattern designers such as Lotta Anderson and Petra Boase. My favourite aussie Illustrators include Kat Macleod, Tamsin Ainslie and Marcela Restrepo to name a few. But most of all I'm inspired by reading the stories behind the artist/designer/creative, what's going in their head and how they get it out onto the page.

5. I use Illustrator and Photoshop for the majority of my designs/Illustrations. But I will always start with a pencil drawing that I have scanned in to use as a template. It's so easy to move things around on the computer, add motifs or take them away, change colours etc. Though sometimes I really need to get the paints and collage materials out and get my hands inky.

6. I do experience blocks sometimes. The first type is usually when beginning a project that I'm not quite sure of the direction to take. In this instance I've learnt just to work through it. The more work you churn out the more inspiration usually follows. The other type of block occurs when I've churned out the work and it's still not happening. This is when I need to leave my desk and go for a walk, see a movie or meet a friend for hot chocolate.

7. For me, the worst thing about being a freelancer is dealing with the business side of things. I've never been any good at that. And marketing myself, I find this extremely difficult and tend to put it off. It's unfortunate and something I know I have to address.

8. The best thing is the ability to work my own hours. If the sun is out and I don't have a pressing deadline, I can take a walk, hang out with my little nephew or visit a gallery. Inspiration doesn't occur between the hours of 9-5. Or at least I can't make it work that way.

9. Today I am working on Illustrating the garden plan of a lovely Sydney plot for Australian House & Garden magazine as well as a water colour for their flower of the month section. These beautiful gardens always inspire me and perhaps one day I will grow more than a pot of parsley.

10. You can see more of my work by visiting or

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