Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Letitia Buchan PIO issue 291 May 2010

What's this illustration for?

This illustration is for a fashion company called Australian Horizons, it’s their promo card celebrating the launch of the new Summer 2010 Ranges.

Do you have to wait for a flash of inspiration - how do you start?

I start from searching a folder of images I collect as I see things I love, created a colour theme and just started drawing and taking photos. I wanted it to be busy and tactile, but ended up only keeping the one animal and working with that theme digitally.

How did you get your start as an illustrator?

I started as a graphic designer, then freelanced as an illustrator, I was found through my website, and my first commissioned illustration job was for The Australian Magazine. In the last couple of years my style has developed into a stronger style than it was to begin with.

Who or what has influenced your work?

Other illustrators and designers that I find perusing bookshops, blogs, music stores, signs and lettering on buildings, architecture, music, anything that gives me a feeling or an idea for an illustration.

What's your favourite media for creating pictures?

I love a sharpie and some paper, or a black fineliner. All my illustrations begin like that then I work using Illustrator to add some depth and colours.

Do you experience illustrator's block - if so, what do you do about it?

Research, research, research... Go for a walk, do some retail therapy or go to the local bookstore, do things to get your mind directly off the subject but something that will still inspire.

What's the worst thing about being a freelancer?

Inconsistency in jobs.

And the best?

I love the variety of work, and the dynamics of the client/ illustrator relationship. Some clients are so trusting and I love that. I also love to draw, and to be paid is a bonus!

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on an illustrated wedding invitation for a couple getting married in
Ibiza, which is great fun, and some illustrations and branding for a new high end accessories label about to launch end of March. I also have an editorial illustration to 
complete for the West Australian Sunday Times Magazine.

Where can we see more of your work?

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